How to be more mindful online class


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Reduce stress and anxiety
Get calmer and more relaxed
Release tensions in your body
✨Gain a clearer mind

Part of our daily exhaustion comes from the stream of thoughts and emotions that is constantly stimulating us, triggered by both our outside and inner world. This can lead to feeling stressed and overwhelmed, accumulating tension in our bodies, and not being able to think clearly when we need to face challenging situations.

While we can’t avoid feeling our feelings or thinking our thoughts, we can control how we react to them, by practicing mindfulness: the ability to be present and in control of our minds and bodies.
Each chapter focuses on a theme and contains an exercise in audio, text or video form, and downloadables that you can print and fill out again and again whenever you need them.
  • 1. Intro and welcome
  • 2. Use journaling to control your emotions
  • 3. A guided meditation to calm your mind
  • 4. The relaxing power of visualisation
  • 5. Gentle body wake-up yoga flow
  • 6. Recap and goodbye

In time, you will learn to embed each exercise as part of your daily routine and feel calmer and more relaxed in your daily life!