Corporate gifts - thoughtful presents for your team and employees


Our Mood Cards are the perfect little gifts to boost the mood in these challenging times and make your colleagues feel supported and appreciated while being apart.

Whether you need gifts for one special circumstance or regular occasions (for your employees' Birthdays, for leaving or maternity leave presents), we got you cover! We have a quick turnaround and ship everywhere; you can order in bulk or have each gift sent directly to your colleagues or clients, adding a personalised message. We can also design bespoke packaging to make your gifts on brand!  
And while we take care of people's wellbeing, we do the same for the environment, by picking carbon-neutral manufacturers, printing on FSC paper and making our products 100% recyclable and plastic-free.

"We have been using Mood Cards as part of our team’s wellbeing sessions which we have been doing while working remotely. I have enjoyed using the prompts on each card's back to step me through mindful positive actions and thoughts. The colourful cards and fancy metal tin mean I can always spot them when I need a positive mood boost." Team member- Stemettes

If you want to know more about our corporate gifts offer, or discuss a bespoke project, please get in touch at