How to create a cosy nook

How to create a cosy nook

When you live a frenetic life and are juggling many things at a time, when you are so busy taking care of everything and everyone else, how can you find the time and space to focus on yourself? How can you take a break and escape the madness, even for just a few minutes, without leaving your home?

Here are 5 simple steps to create your own cosy nook, a sacred space you can find refuge in, whenever you want to relax and reconnect with yourself.

1. Pick your spot

Look for a quite spot in your home where you can comfortably seat or stay by yourself in peace. It could be a sofa, a chair, a corner by the window full of natural light, your side of the bed, a step on your staircase, or even your storage room if you fancy it (and if you are not claustrophobic).

2. Throw in some cushions and a warm blanket

Put down a bunch of cushions to lean your head against and snuggle up with a big warm blanket. You can opt for wool or fleece to add some fluffiness, or choose cotton and linen for a lighter version. Even if you are not cold, nothing gives you a better sense of security and cosiness than a blanket, right?

3. Shine a light

Adjust the light to create an atmosphere that resonates with your mood. Natural daylight is proven to cause a spike in serotonin, giving you energy and inducing happiness. Dimmable lights are perfect to get a delicate amber glow, and create a comfortable reading environment at the same time. Portable lamps are great too (especially if you are hiding in the closet). If you are not at danger of burning up something, candles are the go-to for a romantic and soothing effect, and if you pick the right fragrance (like chamomile or lavender), they can help you relaxing too. Remember to always air the room after use.

4. Set your do’s and don’ts

Now that your cosy nook is ready, create your own set of rules to make sure you can get the most out of it! First of, when are you going to use it? It could be at a specific time in the day, or whenever you feel down, or stressed, or overwhelmed. Then, what are you going to do in it? Well, the sky is the limit. You can use it to finish reading that book you started last year, to meditate, to listen to some music, to have a cup of tea, or to simply close your eyes and reflect on yourself. Think of this as your happy place, where you can take some time to boost your mood, relax, and recharge your (emotional) energy. Make sure you also define what you are not going to do when you are there. You might decide that no shoes or mobile phones are allowed in it. Or that negative thoughts and worries are banned for the time you use it. Fix these do’s and don’ts into your mind and stick to them whenever you are in your cosy nook, whatever happens, no matter how long you stay there.

5. Make a promise

This is the final and most important step. You have created a sacred space just for yourself, how will you keep it that way? Think about the reasons why you wanted to create your cosy nook in the first place. Was it to get some time to dedicate to your passions? Was it to refocus and stay with your thoughts? Was it to relax and unwind and don’t think about work or other things that worry you? Whatever the reason, make a promise to yourself that you are going to use your nook for that purpose, every time you need it. Share this promise with your family and kids, so they can understand why that time is important for you and help you to keep the promise. And now that you are mastering the art of cosiness, perhaps you can help them creating their cosy nooks too!

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