How to find a work/life balance

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Juggling work and life is always tricky, but in the last year has become the most challenging (and, let's be frank, at times almost impossible) task.
When the boundaries are so blurred, as we all work from home, and many with children added to the mix, finding a balance seem like a utopia.

There is no magic fix, but I have set a few rules for myself that helped me coping a bit better.
Here are my top tips for you!

1. Set your priorities

Each day, decide what is the most important thing to focus your attention on. There is no point of trying to do everything at the same time, as you'll end up doing everything badly. 

2. Organise your day

Set a specific time and place to dedicate to work and to life (kids, family, errands, etc.). Focus on one area at a time, trying not to check your work emails when you are with family and friends, switching social media off when working, etc.

3. Ask for help

Get support from someone close to you, so they can help you keep the the boundaries between your work and life time. Ask your partner to share the load with you and take turns with you, so you can both focus on your priorities for the day. 

4. Be kind to yourself

Remember you can't do it all. Focus on doing one thing at a time at your best. And forgive yourself if you struggle to keep up with everything. At times like these, there is only so much you can do!

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