How to love yourself more

How to love yourself more

"Love yourself first, and everything falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world". - Lucille Ball

When you love yourself, you feel happier, more confident and resilient.
It takes a little effort to do so, but the reward is invaluable.

Self-love is one of the topic I care the most about. It's one of the areas I have had to work so hard on in my life.

I feel like little by little I got to the point where I have embraced my flaws and mistakes and learnt to see them as what makes me unique.

I hope you can do the same! That's why I am sharing some of my top tips about self-love!

1. Learn to say no

You don't have to say yes all the time. Before making a commitment, think: how will this affect my wellbeing? If you feel like saying yes will compromise the way you feel, or distract you from your priorities, is not going to be worth it!

2. Recognise your strengths

What are your best abilities and skills? Write them down and keep the list close, so you can look at it when you doubt yourself, and get the motivation you need!

3. Celebrate your achievements

Remember that any small step you take is bringing you closer to your goals. Celebrate each one of them and give yourself a reward when you need to boost your mood!

4. Be kind to yourself

Learn to forgive yourself, and embrace your mistakes and imperfections. What you might consider your flaws are actually making you unique :)

To get more ideas on how to love and care for yourself, try our Mood Cards!

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