How to manage stress

How to manage stress

"It's not the load that breaks you down, it's the way you carry it"- Lou Holtz.

The last year has been tough for everyone and adding some major life changes has brought a lot of stress into my day to day.

I have had to work really hard to keep the right balance between work and rest, and to keep stress at bay. Stress is a beast that can affect your life at any moment (even when you are sleeping): it's a natural reaction of your mind and body when you find it difficult to cope with change, or difficult situations.

It makes you feel overwhelmed, fatigued, anxious. So how do you make sure you are not defeated by it?

These are the my top 3 tips to manage stress in your daily life:

1. (Force yourself to) take regular breaks

Tricky, I know. When you are stressed, pausing can make you feel even more stressed about the things you should do but are not doing. But think of yourself as a machine: you can't run without power. So sometimes you need to allow some time to recharge. (This is how you gather your strength to go against the stress beast).

2. Ask for help

Find someone who can support you when you need, someone you can lean on, or simply talk to. Unloading your feelings or worries can make a great difference in the weight you feel over your shoulders. (And fighting the stress beast in 2 is easier than alone!)

3. Learn what works for you

In order to finally beat the stress beast, you have to gather the right tools, you can't do it bear hands. But what are the ones that work for you? |n time, learn to understand what works for you, what gives you some relief. For some it might be yoga, for some it might be raving- there is no universal answer. Keep a list (a mental or a real one) of all the things that make you feel good that you can refer to when feeling stress- the more you do them, the more the beast will be scared away.

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