How to use imagination to feel more positive

How to use imagination to feel more positive
Let's play a little game 🤗

Did you know we, as humans, have real superpowers?

We have the ability to form images in our minds of things that we are not experiencing through our senses; to mentally represent sensations that are not physically present.
We have a way to navigate the past and the future, see things from another point of you, and generate ideas.

This superpower is called IMAGINATION 🔥

Now, try to imagine the taste and shape of a lemon. Can you feel the sourness in your mouth? Can you see its yellow shape? Still, the lemon is not there.

You can use the same ability to feel happy, or relaxed, or satisfied. How?

Imagine you are in your favourite spot, on a beach; feel the warm sun on your skin; hear the calming sound of the waves; taste the saltiness of the air on your lips. How does it make you feel?

Imagine you have finished the project you have been working so hard on; feel the relief and accomplishment; think about all the exciting things you can do now. How does it make you feel?

You can use imagination to feel better in the present, to feel more empowered in the future, to accept the past.

Isn't this a real superpower?⚡

Here is an example of what the Mood Cards prompt and inspire you to do: using the superpowers you didn't know you have ✨

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