My name is Fede, and I am the founder of The Mood Club.

I have a philosophical background and a Master in Social Ethics, and I have been working in the social sector for the past 6 years, supporting mental health organisations achieving system change.

I am really passionate about social impact, mental health and well-being. I am a big dreamer, I love embracing new challenges and using my creativity to help others.

I set up The Mood Club because I want to inspire people to get into a POSITIVE MINDSET. What is that all about? 

A positive mindset is a way of living by focusing on the good things, look at the bigger picture and avoid overthinking. It's about making the best out of every situation and seeing failures and mistakes as opportunities to grow instead of obstacles. It doesn't mean you have to be happy all the time, or ignore feelings and emotions that makes you feel upset or sad. On the contrary, it means you have to be aware of them, but not let them consuming you, so you can focus on overcoming difficult moments or challenges.

A positive mindset is not just a switch you can simply turn on, it's something that needs to be learned and practiced. That's why I have designed the Mood Cards, small every day activities to turn into long lasting habits, to learn and master a positive mindset.
Since I started practicing them myself, my life has changed so much for the better. Not only I feel calmer and happier, but I am embracing new possibilities, learning more about myself and my abilities, and ultimately growing as a person.

In 2020, we have been shortlisted for the Female Startup of the Year award!

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