How to deal with negativity

How to deal with negativity

When negativity hits, it can turn a regular day into a bad one. While we often can’t control the things that happen to us, we can control how we react to them, how we handle them, and ultimately how they can affect us.  
When we manage to cope and face everyday challenges with a positive attitude, we are able to deal with them in a calmer and more rational way and get better results. 

Here are my top tips to deal with negativity in your everyday life:

1. Avoid negative triggers

Recognise the things that have a negative effect on you, so you can reduce the sources of negativity around you

2. Embrace different perspectives

Look at things from a different point of view, and you will discover they might not be as negative as you think

3. See mistakes as opportunities

Take the positive out of challenging situations that happened in the past

4. Focus on the big picture

Think about how much the negative situation you are dealing with matters in the grand scheme of your life.

Want to know exactly how to do all that?

Our online class "How to deal with negativity" will guide you through easy techniques to recognise and replace negative triggers, to look at a negative situation from a different perspective, to see mistakes as valuable lessons and to focus on the big picture.

Each chapter focuses on a theme and contains an introductory video, a detailed exercise with instructions to follow, and a downloadable workbook to help you put it to practice. 

In time, you will learn to embed each exercise as part of your daily routine and turn negativity around in your daily life!

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