What is a positive mindset?

What is a positive mindset?

A Mindset is the established set of attitudes that we hold: is the way we think and go, act and feel about the world, the way we approach life. It has less to do with what we DO in the situations we experience, and more to do with HOW we face and react to them. 

When the mindset we embrace is a positive one, we approach the world and everything that happens to us in a positive way.

A positive mindset is a way of living by focusing on the good things, look at the bigger picture and avoid overthinking. It's about making the best out of every situation and seeing failures and mistakes as opportunities to grow instead of obstacles. It doesn't mean you have to be happy all the time, or ignore feelings and emotions that makes you feel upset or sad. On the contrary, it means:

  • recognising (not avoiding or denying) the negative, but choosing to make the most of it;
  • focusing our attention on the bright side of things, and seeing the best in everything and everyone around us, including ourselves; 
  • facing challenges with strength and considering failures and disappointments as opportunities to learn and grow;
  • appreciating what you have and who you are;
  • focusing on the present and building onto the future, instead of lingering in the past.

With a positive mindset, you are able to face life with a calmer attitude, hence making decisions rationally, to get better outcomes.

When you have a positive mindset, you irradiate positive energy, are able to think straight and calmer hence to get better results, to influence others positively, to be a good leader, to change the mood, and bring harmony to the people around you.

A positive mindset is not just a switch you can simply turn on, it's something that needs to be learned and practiced. The good news is that The Mood Club is here to help you do it!

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