How to nurture your relationship

How to nurture your relationship

When we live frenetic lives, caught up in work problems, deadlines and other responsibilities, we might forget to stop and dedicate our full attention to the things that actually matter the most, like the relationship with our partner.

But no worries, sometimes it only takes a few minutes a day and a small effort to make sure we nurture it and enhance it as it deserves.

Here are my top tips:

1. Remember to thank each other for the little things you do for each other or around the house.

It sounds  like a simple gesture, but it is one we should never forget to do. Sometimes we might take for granted what our partner does, and letting them know we notice the effort they make in our shared life,make them feel seen.


2. Make time daily to connect with each other without any distractions.

How many times, after a long day, we might sit down at home and scroll our phones mindlessly, or check out our messages while next to each other or at the dining table? 

Make sure you carve out some time where it's just the two of you: talking, connecting, with nothing else getting in the way.


3. Tell each other what you expect or need from the other person to feel supported.

Has it ever happened to you to tell your partner about a problem you are facing, needing to be heard and hugged only, but instead getting frustrated as they were trying to give you a solution? 

Perhaps they did it as that's what they thought you needed in that moment, but how would they know if you never told them?

That's why, being clear on what you need from them (and viceversa) in certain situations, can help you get the right support and bring you closer.

Want to get know more about what you can do daily to nurture your relationship and establish an even deeper connection with your love one? Try out our Mood Cards for me and you!

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